Power belongs to the people

Africa has been for more than half a century, a very unstable continent with regards to politics. With its various records of coups organised by angry soldiers or visionary leaders, the land is slowly trying to make its way out to democracy, but the process involves determination from the people to demand what is rightfully theirs, and in Burkina Faso, this fact is clearly understood by now.

One week ago, members of the presidential guard of Burkina Faso invited themselves at the presidential palace during a government meeting. Seizing Interim President, Michel Kafando and his prime minister, they made clear they now have power and the current government is dismissed.

Such announcement sent the people out in the streets, protesting against the intrusion of the presidential guard in the interim process that was supposed to make elections possible within the next months. A raging outburst of discontent and revolt could therefore clearly be sensed by the the new leader, General Gilbert Diendere, who was the right hand of former President Blaise Compaore, who had to flee Ouagadougou, the Capital last year, due to people protesting firmly in the entire country.

Old woman Protesting against coup

The reasons behind the coup are simple, general Diendere’s regiment (in french RSP), was scheduled to be shutdown, as part of the interim process, something unacceptable to him, but clearly supported by Burkina Faso citizens, as during the rule of Blaise Compaore, they were known to torture and harass citizens who opposed the regime. The west african community (CEDEAO) was requested in order to help solve the crisis. Some days after the coup, President Michel Kafando and his ministers were released, and the loyalists among the national army gathered in the capital and gave general Diendere and his men a deadline to restore power back and disarm to avoid bloodsheding.

The tall General Gilbert Diendere – Coup Leader

Due to high pressure from both citizens and the international community, General Diendere and his men gave up their futile attempt to overthrow the interim government and made known to jounalists that the coup was a “mistake”. Further development of what will happen to the coup organisers is still to be addressed. Although one of the conditions for this coup to end was a presidential pardon for the RSP soldiers, the people demand that they will face justice for their actions, a very logical fact.

Citizens Protesting, Demanding Dissolution of RSP

The entire continent hopes now that this will be a clear message to all those who think countries to be their own properties in this beautiful continent. People from all over the globe should be as brave as Burkina Faso citiziens “les Burkinabés”  to make their will clearly known about the way they want their country to be lead.

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