European Immigration Crisis – Part 1

The Cause

By now, the entire world is aware of the apocaliptic immigration wave converging to europe, mostly to Germany, the UK and France, via eastern europe, mainly Hungary, and states from former Yougoslavia. The vast majority of these immigrants claims to be fleeing the civil war in Syria but with no evidence to prove it (no formal identification document).

The facts

Since the beginning of 2015, waves of immigrants have been pouring out of the meditteranean sea. Here are some statistics:

Asylum Claims in European Union: 567,585 (306,010 in Germany)

Illegal immigrant entries (january-July 2015): 340,000

Fatality during mediteranean crossing: more than 3,000

Syrian refugees in Turkey: nearly 2,000,000

immigrants rescued by coast guards

These astonishing facts are a clear description of this immense crisis which is believed to endure as long as conflicts in the mideast and poverty in Africa both continue to drag people out of their land, in the search for a better life in Europe.

Hungaryan Border Illegal Crossing

However, many believe the current movement of masses towards europe to be the consequence of western powers intrusion in third world countries, especially the NATO led rebellion against Muhammar Khadafi, former Libyan leader in 2011, as well as the long and expensive war conducted by the U.S.A in both Irak and Afghanistan, following the destruction of the twin towers in New York. Strange enough, the previously mentioned areas are overwhelmed by chaotic civil wars. Lybia is now torn apart, with rebels and war lords dictating their ways against a weak government struggling to keep the country together. ISIS on the other hand has emerged out of a situation terribly gone wrong in Iraq and Syria.

NATO participating Nations

Consequently, these immigration waves will therefore continue to flow towards wealthiest european states such as Germany France and the UK. Surely by now, NATO leaders understand that for each military intervention they operate, there will be tremendous consequences since bombing cities has not proven to be so effective.

Unfortunately for them, It is now their responsibility to shelter these refugees, since apparently they cannot send them away. Billions of euros will be spent in years to come in order to address the issue. We hope that state of things will help NATO nations reconsider the way they deal with other nations, since this chaotic immigration issue is nothing more than self inflicted pain on their behalf.

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