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Growing as a subsaharan young man, it was easy to see from my cousins who initially went to Europe how disgusted they were of the discrimination they faced there. Once you are from Africa, weither you are  from the northern part or the subsaharan part, you are highly likely to face discrimination in Europe. While people who emigrated to france and other european countries with ancestry from Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco, claim to suffer the same type of racial discrimination just like black immigrants from subsaharan africa, it is shocking to notice that the same black africans yet again face discrimination in their own continent when they settle in Northern African countries. The very simple fact that they get discriminative is blowing my mind away, since accross the Mediterranean sea they face the same kind of discrimination, so why would they do that to the very people they share the continent with?

News reported less than 2 years ago that a young tunisian jumped off his window to commit suicide, because he just learned that Tunisia was part of Africa! Why would one commit such a ridiculous act?Many africans who go to study to northern african nations report that they are victims of discriminative behaviours such as insults, hate speech and in some occasions violence. As a matter of facts, during the rebellion in Lybia in 2011,some shocking videos of black africans being  punched, kicked or even killed by civilians were disclosed. Is it so bad to have dark skin? What can be the excuse for such hatred? Did we drop nuclear bombs somewhere? Did we kill or enslave millions? Did we not see or fathers and their fathers join arms against nazi germany at the expense of millions of their lives? Furthermore, how can we get discriminative over the color of skin?

Discrimination is a recipe for chaos, thinking that you can be superior to someone just because of the color of your skin is the most absurd mental process that can ever take place in a human brain! It took a while for some great nations to celebrate their diversities, but it is not surprising to see that nations who do so are numbered among the most powerful on earth, since our differences make us stronger. It all goes together with the divine principle of “treat others the way you would like to be treated”, and of course, expect people to treat you the way you treat them.

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