The September Freaks

Being the year that marks the shemitah in the jewish calendar, 2015 was scheduled by many to be a year of disaster! Well, that is of course if you rely on the widespread “prophetic youtubers” who seemed to have received “revelations” from the unknown. The video titles will of course catch your attention; asteroid to hit earth in September! Cometh to hit earth on september 28th! End of the world and the list goes on, there was just no stop to it!

Like King Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. Indeed, people have been playing that game for years, it is really fascinating to notice how people want to end life on earth so badly, but what are the real motives behind such useless propaganda?

To clearly understand the motives of the majority of peole who are behind these unreliable publications, you need to understand that nowadays, the internet has become a generous source of income for people with bright ideas. Everything evolves around one basic concept; the more visitors you have on your website/Blog/Youtube Channel, the more likely you are to become rich, thanks to advertising programs such as google Adsense. This is where everything gets messy because now, you need to distinguish when looking for information, which is reliable and which is not, since many scammers out there do not really care about the authenticity of their contents but just care about the money, and that is the big deal about the internet.

Asteroid in Space

Publishing videos, writing books, or writing articles about these so claimed “extinction level events” has been for many a significant source of income, especially during the year 2012, which unleashed thousands of books, articles and videos over the internet, it even had a movie with a dedicated title; the year itself! Nice movie though. Millions of dollars (probably even billions) have been generated from these contents, and September 2015 was just another repetition of December 2012. Although some significant events took place during September (The Chinese economy falling apart, Pope Francis visit to the US, last blood moon of the Tetrad), no extinction level event took place!

Asteroid entering Atmosphere (simulation)

In conclusion, as a bible student, i can only point out that there is no way man can predict exactely  when the world ends, therefore trying to do so only exposes you to be ridiculed when your deadline is way passed! Christ himself said; no ones knows! (Matthew 24:36). It’s true that we are in the last days, but setting a calendar for the end of things is just a ridiculous practice, making millions for many, but deceiving millions!

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