Abortion, the legal crime

Looking at some statistics about abortion, I never imagined the scale of this practice to be so wide, yet, according to WHO, abortion is responsible for the death of nearly 40,000,000 unborn babies each year. This is an estimate of about 125,000 abortions committed worldwide every day.

Nearly 50% of pregnancy are “unintended”, well, with so many contraceptive methods available for avoiding pregnancy, I have a very big problem with the term unintended. Unless we are dealing with children, it is realistic to assume that people are very familiar with the laws of biology (with regards to what it takes to make a baby), therefore, when engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse, probability of becoming pregnant is very high, so choosing to ignore that fact does not change the biology inside our bodies. Consequently, when relating to mutually consented and unprotected intercourse, the term unintended to me becomes ridiculous, as the act itself is designed initially to generate life. The problem with us humans, is the fact that we like to run away from the consequences of our choices, and that is the fuel of our modern age genocide, abortion.

“Abortion is a person’s choice” yeah right, what about the one that is directly affected by this horrific act? “it’s not a baby unless it is born” wow, how ridiculous is that statement! Only after weeks of conception (5-6 weeks), the fetus heart starts beating, in most cases,before the mother is even aware of her pregnancy. As human beings, the very crucial physical sign of our existence is our heartbeat, why would you deny that fact regarding an unborn child? People are just good at making excuses to have their selfish ways and make ok what is not.


Looking at numbers, more than 1,200,000 abortions are committed in the US each year, one being committed every 30 seconds, in other word, by the time you will be done reading this post, nearly 8 babies have been killed. Just think about it, what would the world be like if Bill Gates parents decided to have an abortion? Steve Jobs ones? There would be no Microsoft, no apple! Life is a gift, seeing it neglected through abortion makes me sick! So many women out there cannot conceive children and would give anything they have in order to be able to do so, yet millions of babies are legally murdered by those who can conceive. Some believe that the total number of abortions in just a year goes way beyond the total number of casualties during both world wars!

I honestly think people should live with their choices, every choice we make has consequences, what makes us responsible and mature is the ability to deal with these consequences. If you do not want to face consequences of your actions, then do no commit the irreversible.

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Face the consequences of your choice

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