Are western powers afraid of Putin?

Vladimir Putin is certainly the most powerful man on earth with regards to politics. For the simple reason that he can do whatever pleases him, without being worried about the opposition throwing him out of his presidency, nor the west even attempting to remove him out of office the same way they do it in third world countries.

In fact, Russia, the largest country on earth that expands from eastern Europe to the very end of northern Asia, couple of minutes away from the united states by the straight of Bering (state of Alaska), is a nation that is feared nowadays by the west, and clearly it will remain this way as long as Putin stays in power.


Putin, the man who can make billionaire feel worthless, forcing them to sign the reopening of a plant they closed, making them pay an amount close to $1,500,000 of unpaid wages to their protesting employees.


Putin forcing shareholders to open plant

Putin the man who invades Georgia during August 2008 to support South Ossetian separatists breaking off the Georgian political map for good, annexing the province as part of Russia, while the west, confused in peace meetings and several attempts to resolve the matter via diplomacy fails to do anything about mighty Putin. To this date, South Ossetia is “a state” only recognised by few countries, considered by other countries to be occupied by Russian military forces. To this date indeed, the west remains powerless about the situation and will of course do nothing to change the outcome of events that occurred there.

Putin the mighty, who invades Crimea since 2014, at the very eyes of western powers, who happen to have Nato allies nearby, denying Ukraine entry to NATO in order to avoid any conflict with Russia. Claimed as part of Russia, Crimea is another milestone of Putin’s growing power in the world of Politics. It has become clear that the west cannot stop him, let’s face it, they are afraid of him.

There is no way we can end here without talking about the Syrian civil war, a war going out of control before Mighty Russia decides to finally change the outcome of events. Presently, Russian troops are assisting Bachar Al Assad’s regime against “ISIS”, therefore fighting terrorism in the region according to Russian officials. Well, it has been proven that not only Russia is conducting air strike against ISIS but also against rebels fighting Al Assad’s regime. Mighty Putin is once more controlling the chessboard, and once again, the west, in particular the United States who aided rebels by training them and providing weapons to them has come to a stand still, considering even to stop providing assistance to rebels, since it appears clear there is no way they will prevail against the powerful Putin.

Putin Al Assad

Putin and Al Assad

Has the west grown soft? Certainly not, they are aware that mighty Putin is not a man to play with, he has his own ways of diplomacy, always controlling the outcome. Such scenario of course will never be played by the West, since they also like to control the outcome of events. Can the West stop him? I do not think so, unless they decide to play his game. Putin likes the military language, he is not into worthless meetings, he acts! He moves troops while the west just finance and supply weapons to rebels (an approach that has proven to be catastrophic in Libya and Irak, leading to the birth of ISIS). Unless the West starts becoming more “active” and less “talking” Mighty Putin will prevail again and again! The problem is simple, being “active” might lead to direct confrontation with Putin, and that could lead easily to World War III, too expensive for the west in both money and human lives. The War in Afghanistan and Irak has been very expensive for the US, so engaging in another conflict by sending ground troops might not be the approach for a very long time, unless the next President sees otherwise. Mighty Putin is aware of that, and this very fact might be the reason why he is not afraid of anyone, because let’s face it, like both World Wars have proven, without America’s intervention, the West block is powerless against Mighty Putin.

US President Barack Obama (L), Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit plenary session at the International Convention Center in Beijing on November 11, 2014. Top leaders and ministers of the 21-member APEC grouping are meeting in Beijing from November 7 to 11. AFP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais/POOL

US President Barack Obama (L), Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive at the Asia-Pacific Economic  in Beijing on November 11, 2014.

As fragile as the present is worldwide, it is clear that the future of peace on earth is uncertain. Decisions will be made that will drastically affect the world as we know it, countries might be reshaped, the war block on the middle-east may be moved to other areas of the World, with apocalyptic consequences, and of course, the weakest will crumble beneath the might of the strongest, who will they be?

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