Where should I be if World War III breaks out?

When looking at the actual state of the world, it is easy to speculate about the possibility if an eventual world war III, especially with the Syrian crisis, a conflict that has gone way out of proportion so far, with Russia and the west constantly opposing each other as to kicking out or maintaining Al Assad in power.

Since it is always advised to be prepared for every single scenario, here is the list of places you would immediately want to consider travelling to or running away from if the most powerful nations on earth decide to go at war once again.

Places you should run away from.

The world had many powerful civilizations, they all have one thing in common, they disappeared because of war! Babylonia, Egypt, Persia, Rome and many others are part of that fallen empires hall of fame. Nowadays, the mightiest nations are part of a block that is known as the West, it includes North America (Canada and USA) and western European countries, mainly the UK, France and Germany. They are members of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty organization), a powerful military alliance that is likely to be one of the antagonist of the war. Therefore, if you are a citizen of a NATO country, you should be prepared to leave! Unless you want to play patriot and go fight in the army ranks, but know this, this is going to be a nuclear war, ground troops are therefore unlikely to have a significant role regarding the outcome of the War, weapons will be the ones to do so.

Nato Members

Nato Members

Russia and possibly China are also likely to be involved as the other antagonists, know therefore that their cities will be targets. Basically do not be anywhere near north america and the whole European continent, as well as northern Asia. In other words, the northern hemisphere is likely to be on fire!

Places you can consider fleeing to.

The Southern Hemisphere is the one that gathers most of the third world countries, such nations will definitely not find any interest whatsoever in being part of this expensive war, for it is going to ruin many nations (economy, population etc.). But despite those facts, these nations are also known to have ruthless leadership or unpredictable rulers, you do not know what kind of troubles they will run into under the influence of a world war, so i would be very careful when choosing my destination around them.

In my honest opinion, the safest place to be is the southern Pacific ocean, with its many island nations, it is clear none of them is likely to be involved in a conflict. Tonga islands, Fiji, even New Zealand and Australia. They are very far from the hot zone and although no place will be 100% safe, you will definitely be safer there in comparison to being anywhere in the northern Hemisphere. Countries such as Argentina, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Chile can also be considered as safe places. These nations have a long history of not being really involved in international conflicts and are very likely to remain so.

Some Safe places

Some Safe places

When watching the video below, with such a show of power, it is clear that some nations are showing their muscles, but for now, the world is still enjoying some peace, unless some russian pilot decides to bomb a nato carrier or vice versa!

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