4 Main Reasons that cause people to immigrate

Immigration nowadays is becoming one major issue across the globe. As a matter of facts, the present European immigration crisis is just the tip of the iceberg of a movement that is common to earth history since the existence of Man. Since 1960, nearly 250 millions people have left their home land, a very big number as it represents  4% of the global population (http://www.migrationpolicy.org/). In just 2013, the United States were (and still are without any doubt) the country with the highest number of immigrants residing within their borders, with more than 45 millions immigrants, 12 millions among them being originally from mexico. These numbers are massive, but here are some decisive facts around immigration regarding the life of a typical immigrant.

1 – War

For many third world countries, war is a daily story. Civil war, tribal war, genocide etc. many nations as we speak are still facing this painful episode of their history. War refugees will therefore have no other choice than to flee for their lives, wherever the word “safe” as a meaning. The current Syrian crisis is a very distinctive example, yet when looking at the Syrian refugees migration wave, it is disturbing to notice that they are going away from neighboring countries that can surely offer them shelter and care, being willing to cross thousands of miles to reach European “prime” countries such as Germany, the United Kingdoms or France. This is simply due to the good standards of life in those countries, since as an immigrant, you always look for what is better. It would not be fair to not disclose the fact that although some neighboring countries did offer help (Turkey already received nearly 2 millions refugees), some others such as Saudi Arabia did keep their doors closed.

War Vehicle patrolling chaotic scene

War Vehicle patrolling chaotic scene

2 – Poverty

In some nations, finding drinkable water and having access to power is a myth, not to mention how difficult it is for some families to have access to food. Such conditions can only contribute to a state of poverty. In fact, it can be so bad that people are willing to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach Spain, Greece or Italia at any cost, at the very risk of losing their lives. Many have in fact perished, but that does not stop others from attempting to reach what they consider to be “an eldorado”.

3 – The “System”

When mentioning this word, every reader would definitely know what is being referred to here. It may vary from one country to another, but you still get the idea. In most countries, the system works against you in various ways; you cannot do this without getting that, you must be friends with Mr X if you want that signature, you cannot pass your subjects unless you are the lecturer’s girlfriend, and if you are a man, well, that’s one year wasted regardless of your efforts. You cannot get that job unless you agree to corrupt a government official and so on, the list just never ends. For some people, dealing with these hassles is not worth it, especially when you are concerned about the well being of your family and its future. You will therefore be looking for a way out at any cost, since you truly do not want your children to be slaves of that system.

Corruption, a fuel for the system's engine

Corruption, a fuel for the system’s engine

4 – Open borders concepts

For many years now, countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States of America have opened their borders to qualified workers in order for them to have a chance to be chosen to reside within their territory. Depending on availability and country needs, those workers will then contribute to the economy, ensuring a continuous flow of diversity within the labour market. This type of immigration has made many immigration firms rich, since the number of customers never cease to increase on a yearly basis, but as a counter effect, scams have also significantly increased, deceiving many who would like to immigrate to the land of their dreams, so therefore you really need to be careful when considering to hire a firm to handle your immigration project.


European Immigrants reaching new york

It is in the nature of man to look for safety and comfort. Regardless of your race or the colour of your skin, you will always do whatever it takes to ensure yourself a better life, especially when you know your family is relying on you to keep them safe and feed them. Let us remember that the whole world is an immigration web, though you may be a genuine citizen of a powerful country, you do not necessarily know what hell your ancestors went through in order to get where you are today.

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