Playing with fire

As most of you may have learned by now, The Turkish republic fired at a Russian fighting Jet that “violated its airspace”, according to Turkish officials. Whether or not this “violation of airspace” claim is justified, it is not really clear what happened in the sky of the Syrian – Turkish border.

The video below is from Spiro, a youtuber who goes through the effort of disclosing important facts to consider when dealing with this matter.

It has been confirmed that one of the two soldiers who made it out of the Jet is dead, since he was shot by soldiers of the free Syrian army (FSA), one of the main factions fighting against Bachar Al Assad’s regime, one that happens to be backed by the US.

Unclear Facts.

Russia is fighting ISIS, that is a fact, they have been bombing them for quite a long time now (nearly three months), Turkey a NATO member on the contrary has not really convinced the international community with regards to their status towards ISIS. All we know for sure, is that they are fighting Kurdish combatants, who in fact are hostile to ISIS, and although we cannot deny the animosity between Kurdish and Turkish, there is no clear evidence of Turkey bombing ISIS. Many even go as far as to say that ISIS is backed by Turkey, believing that ISIS oil sales are facilitated in the Turkish black market. Some go even further, stating that some ISIS soldiers are trained in Turkey. True or False?  It’s hard to tell, but this attack on a Russian fighting jet is likely to have started a very hostile relationship between Moscow and Ankara.

In a statement released by Moscow, Putin considers Russia to have been “stabbed in the back” by “those who support terrorists”. He clearly implied Ankara here.

One thing remains certain, there will be consequences from Russia, and this time, Moscow will not allow its fighting Jet to be taken down, since a carrier has been deployed off the Syrian coast to support fighting jets in the event they are targeted by Turkey again, they have the “green light” to take down anything that poses a threat to their jets. By doing this, Moscow sent a clear message to Ankara, “try me again”.

Missile Cruiser

Missile Cruiser similar to the one dispatched off the Syrian coast.

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