5 Great Women Commanders

5 Great Women Commanders – Women bravery.

Whenever referring to war, all we think about is men drawing up their swords or guns, killing each other, being led by men just like themselves. But the war business was not always for men. Indeed, women throughout history would take matters into their hands in order to decide the significant outcome of a war. Here is a top list of 5 great women commanders who excelled at the art of battle.

5 Great Women Commanders, Joan of Arc.

Johan of Arc due to her youth and bravery is truly among the 5 great women military commanders who ever lived

“La Pucelle d’Orleans” Joan of Arc.

Known as the maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc is a French heroine who was supposedly born in January 1412. She rose to fame while the French crown was disputed between Henry the 6th of England, Phillip the 3rd of Burgundy and Charles the 7th, thus being part of a major conflict known as the hundred years war. She claimed she received instructions from God, ordering her to lead the French army to victory, which it had not tasted for decades. She played a vital role at the siege of Orleans, where she was sent by Charles the 7th, being instrumental in the retreat of the English from the siege in May 1429. By then, she was just 17. Her brave involvement in the conflict allowed King Charles the 7th to be crowned as King of France in Reims, city that used to be the place of coronation for many French kings since the 9th century. She was captured by Burgundian troops in May 1430, who then sold her out to the English, who tried and executed her on the 30th of May 1431, she was just 19.

5 Great Women Commanders, Trung Sisters.

Trung Sisters

Trung Sisters Monument

Little is known about the birth and death of the Trung sisters, but undeniably, they fiercely waged war on the Chinese occupation of Vietnam in the 1st century. The assassination of the older Trung sister’s husband by the Chinese is believed to be the trigger event of their revolution. Such tragic event was then followed by successful campaigns, marked by the capture of several cities claimed by their revolutionary movement. Proclaiming themselves queens, they were successful in battles for nearly 4 years, controlling a significant portion of land. But without decisive support and against a disciplined Chinese army, their rule ended after their defeat on the battlefield of Lang Back. Although they managed to retreat, it is said that they committed suicide in order not to face torture or probably execution from the Chinese.

5 Great Women Commanders, Lady Trieu.

Lady Triệu 1

Lady Trieu riding her war elephant

Following the Trung sister’s legacy, Lady Trieu (Born in 225 AD) is with no doubt one of the most impressive female warriors who ever lived. She spent her childhood in a tense political context. As a matter of facts, Vietnam was still occupied by the Chinese. Such occupation was always fought by Vietnamese, and most certainly by Lady Trieu, who successfully fought tens of battles against the Chinese before she was even 21. On many occasions she and her rebel army defeated the Chinese, but would fail to resist long enough, due to overwhelming Chinese troops. She was defeated in 248 AD, and no clear account describes how she died. Despite her defeat, her courage motivated future rebellions, marking the history of her country forever.

5 Great Women Commanders, Boudicca.



She was the queen of the Iceni people in eastern Anglia (nowadays England). Fierce commander, she became famous for leading an uprising against the Roman Empire presence in England, at the time Nero was ruling Rome. She is well remembered for her triumph at the battle of camulodunum (modern day Colchester), which was then followed by the destruction of Londonium (modern day London). She was defeated in battle by Roman Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, who ensured roman control of Great Britain.

5 Great Women Commanders, Zenobia.

Zenobia is among the 5 great women commaders who ever lived


Queen of the Palmyra Empire in Syria, Zenobia led a revolt against Rome. Wife of King Septimus, she ensured total control of the empire after his death. She expended her territories as far as Egypt, where she crushed roman forces in the year 269 AD, becoming the new ruler of Egypt. Other military expeditions allowed her to claim a vast region east of the Mediterranean Sea, stretching from modern day Turkey all the way down to Egypt. Her short lived empire came to an end when Aurelian, Roman emperor at the time, captured her in 273 AD. Living her final days in Rome, it is believed she was allowed to live until her last days, even marrying a roman noble, but this might just be one version of her last days, among many.

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