Successful Traders, Top 10 of the most talented.

Successful Traders who made history!

Billions upon billions of us dollars, these men have engraved their names in the hall of fame of trading, being ranked among top successful traders to ever live. Here is a summary of their achievements.

10 – Edward Lampert.

Kmart chairman speaks at Sears Kmart press conference in New York.

Edward S. Lampert

Born on July 19, 1962 in New York, Edward Scott Lampert is a well-known American businessman in the realm of Wall Street. His Success story really gets to its turning point in the year 2004, during which he made $1B of profit through trades, becoming the first trader to ever do so in Wall Street in just a year. Such achievement was repeated in the year 2006, with nearly $1.5B of income. Previously at a high record of nearly 4 Billion dollars in 2008, his present net worth is estimated at $2.5B.


9 – Stanley Druckenmiller.

Stanley Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller

Born on June 14, 1953 in Pittsburg, Stanley Druckenmiller is the founder of the Duquesne Management firm. He is well known to be the man who worked with Georges Soros, on the deal that made them $1B in just one day. Dedicating his time to his own Company, his successful portfolio of investment allowed him to score a present net worth of $4.4B.

8 – Paul Tudor Jones II.


Paul Tudor Jones

Born on September 28, 1954 In Memphis, Paul Tudor Jones is an American businessman, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation. One of his most brilliant achievement of his career is with no doubt the prediction of the black Monday, which occurred on October 19, 1987. Trades made as a result of this event allowed him to triple his profits, building up through time his current present net worth of $4.7B.

7 – Kenneth Griffin.

kenneth-griffin 3

Kenneth Griffin

Born on October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida, Kenneth Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel, a global investment firm. He started his career with a 70% return on a $1M capital provided by Franc Meyer, founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. He founded his business in 1990, he just had nearly $5M by that time. His successful trading skills allowed him to secure significant profits, making the astonishing profit of $1.4B just in the year 2014. His present net worth is estimated at $7B.

6 – David Tepper.

David Tepper2

David Tepper

David Alan Tepper was born on September 11, 1957 in Pittsburg. Presently a successful hedge fund manager, he is the man behind the foundation of Appaloosa management. Ingenious when it comes to investing, he successfully managed to score several trades. He secured huge profits in 2009, by purchasing distressed companies stocks, profiting later on the same year from their recovery, thus making $4B of personal wealth that year alone. Today, he is worth $10.4B.

5 – John Paulson.

John Paulson 1

John Paulson

Hedge fund manager by profession, John Alfred Paulson was born on December 14, 1955 in Queens, New York. He is the founder of Paulson & Co, an investment firm he founded in 1994 with a $2M capital, after working for several firms. He rose to fame among investors when he distinguished himself by making $4B in 2007. This milestone was followed by another record of $5B made in the year 2010, clearly a name of reference among successful traders. Today, he totalizes a net worth of $11.4B.

4 – Stephen Cohen.


Steven Cohen was born on June 11, 1956 in New York. He started as a junior trader at Gruntal & Company, making $8,000 on his first day at work. He would then have a successful career with them, leading to the foundation of his own investment firm, SAC Capital Advisor. Over his years of successful trading, he skillfully established himself, building a solid reputation around his investment firm. Today, his business now manages funds reaching nearly 14 Billion dollars in equity. Father of 6 Children, his present net worth is estimated at $12B.

3 – Ray Dalio.

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio was born on August 8, 1949 in Queens, New York. Starting his career right on the floor of the New York stock exchange, he Moved from one firm to the other, gaining relevant experience in Wall Street, experience he intended to use after creating Bridgewater Associates in 1975. Here is what you need to know about his investment firm: it is the largest investment corporation in the world in terms of volume of funds managed, with nearly $160B as of 2014, highly contributing to his present net worth of $15.3B.

2 – Carl Icahn.

Carl Icahn, a billionaire investor and chairman of Icahn Ent

Carl Icahn

Carl Celian Icahn was born on February 16, 1936 in Queens, yes, again in New York. He began his career in 1961 as a stock broker. Within just 7 years, he was able to found his own firm, Icahn & co, in 1968. In opposition to others making billions in a single year, he focused more on the acquisition of top businesses, making profit out of their stock values over time. Among many of his acquisitions, you can count shares in Motorola, Take two interactive (the gaming studio), BEA systems and so on. His present net worth is estimated at $20.3B.

1 – Georges Soros.

Soros, a top example among successful traders

“The Man who broke the bank of England” Georges Soros.

Born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest Hungary, Georges Soros is the only man in this top list born outside of America. He moved to England in 1947 to further he studies at the London School of Economics. Managing to be hired, he made his way through many firms before founding his very own, the Soros Fund Management. He rose to extreme fame when he scored an astonishing profit of $1B in a single day during the black Wednesday, on September 16th, 1992. Such achievement granted him the famous title “the man who broke the Bank of England” among the most successful traders. Among the top 30 richest people on earth, his present fortune is estimated at $24.5B.

Being a stock broker surely can be a lucrative profession, as it can offer tremendous profits. Nevertheless, it would be wise to not forget the risk involved in the process, as many of these traders, if not all mentioned in this top list have surely faced major losses, still managing to always recover. Undoubtedly, those who are disciplined and committed to winning strategies, being well mentored, stand better chances of succeeding in this arena, joining the hall of fame of the most successful traders in the world, in comparison to those acting on their own, without an adequate training.

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