Weird places around the earth, Top 5.

Weird places around the earth, top 5.

We are all familiar with a scary legend or story regarding weird places, whether we got it from a movie or from captivating books. But there are also real places that can scare the creep out of you, you better believe it, here is our top five selection of our weird places around the earth, first episode, (more will follow for sure!).

Weird places, The Nazca Lines (Peru).

Located in the Nazca desert in Peru, these lines are drawings made by the Nazca culture during antiquity. Classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, they are among the largest works of art made by man to date. Hundreds of animals and figures whose ground designs have not been subjected to the effects of time. They are so unique because it is difficult to visualize how this ancient culture could have been able to draw them over such wide surfaces, with such intense precision. A remarkable work indeed, yet so strange.


Monkey drawings among hundreds of others in the region

Weird places, The island of dolls (Mexico).

Located south of Mexico city between the Xochimilco canals, this weird island has gathered the attention of the entire world, as it is covered with several dolls, most of which have their body members cut off. There is a legend that claims that a young girl drowned there, therefore the dolls were put by a man named Don Julian, in memory of her, but now they are haunted by the spirit of the girl. True or false, it is clear this place has become a center of attraction for many tourists.

Worthy to be among weird places, the island of dolls.

The man behind the dolls, Don Julian.

Weird places, Aokigahara forest (Japan).

Known as the Suicide forest, this place is located at the northwest of Mount Fuji base. It is notorious for the high suicide rate in the region, a macabre place people choose to end their lives. As a matter of fact, in the year 2010 alone, Hundreds of attempts resulting in the death of 57 people were recorded, as if some force is compelling people with suicidal thoughts to make a journey there to commit the irreversible act. This serious suicide issue led locals to raise signs of warnings to all who enter the forest, urging them not to commit suicide but to think about their families.


Entry to the forest,with a sign urging people not to kill themselves.

Weird places, Hoia forest (Romania).

Named after a shepherd that disappeared with his flock of 200 sheep, this forest is located in Romania and became famous for the numerous sightings of UFOs and the strange disappearances of people who ventured there. Home to several paranormal activities, it is known as the Bermuda triangle of Romania. People venturing into the forest report that at some point they have an intense feeling of anxiety and depression, getting the impression of being watched, it is clearly no place to visit at all.


Woods in the notorious forest.

Weird places, The Catacombs (Paris).

Established in 1810, they are underground ossuaries, home to remains of nearly 6,000,000 dead, yes the number is correct. They came to existence when city officials were confronted with a serious space issue in municipal cemeteries. It was therefore decided to transfer the remains of the dead to a former underground mine, which is now called the catacombs. Millions of remains are gathered together in this macabre place, which is now a tourist attraction. Inspiring many movies, especially As above so below (in theatre in 2014), some part of it are restricted to people, especially due to the fact that it is an enormous maze, where one can easily be lost in the midst of the dead.

Famous among weird places, the Catacombs of paris

Piles of bones characterize the place itself.


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