Facts around Gold, our Top 10.

Facts around Gold, the most powerful precious metal on earth.

Facts around Gold, number 10.

The Largest gold bar to date weighs 250 Kilograms, it is owned by the Toi Gold museum in the city of Toi in Japan. The city is known for its gold mining activity through the Toi Gold mine. With the current market value per ounce, this bar is worth 9 million US dollars.

Toi Bar

Biggest Gold Bar

Facts around Gold, number 9.

Our Bodies contain approximatively 0.2 milligram of gold, most of it in our blood. Small traces of gold are also found in tree leaves such as the Eucalyptus tree. Knowing this awesome fact, please, do not consider bleeding yourself, it is not worth it.


I’m Eating gold from Eucalyptus tree leaves

Facts around Gold, number 8.

Nearly half of the Gold ever mined has come from one place, Witwatersrand, in the Republic of South Africa. The country is already reputed to be accountable for an all-time two third of all the gold mined globally, having delivered the biggest diamond ever found on earth, the Cullinan diamond. Present day leading producers are China and Australia.


One among many South African Gold mines

Facts around Gold, number 7.

Gold is a very common ornament in the Indian culture, so common that Indians hold more gold than the Top 10 Gold stocking central Banks, that includes banks of the US, France, Germany, The UK, China, India and the IMF all combined. An estimated amount of nearly 20,000 tons of gold worth 1.2 Trillion US dollars.


Gold, a lucrative precious metal for Indian jewellers

Facts around Gold, number 6.

When it comes to facts around Gold, one of the most interesting is that it is edible, yes that’s right, you can eat it. However it is flavourless and is just considered as an additive embellishment ingredient in luxury restaurants, notably in food, sweets and drinks. It causes no harm to your digestive system, just in case you wondered.

Facts around Gold, Gold is edible

Gold dish

Facts around Gold, number 5.

There is indeed a lot of Gold on earth, I am of course referring here to all the gold still waiting to be mined, but all the gold currently stocked or owned on earth can fill just 3 Olympic swimming pools. Bear in mind that 1 swimming pool is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, with an average depth of 2.5 meters.

Swimming Pool

Olympic Swimming Pool Dimensions

Facts around Gold, number 4.

Radioactive Gold isotope 198 is used in medicine, particularly in radiotherapy, destroying tumor cells without too much spillover to the rest of the body. Gold is also used to help fight rheumatoid arthritis, with a success rate of 7 out of 10 patients.


Facts around Gold, number 3.

In an effort to fight obesity among children, the United Arabian Emirates launched a campaign in 2014 that rewarded children who lost 1 kilogram with 2 grams of gold.


Facts around Gold, number 2.

Getting pure gold out of a gold ore is no easy task. As a matter of facts, you would be able to recover more gold from a ton of personal computers than from 17 tons of gold ore. But since the effort of getting 1 ton of personal computers is really expensive, let’s stick to the gold ore.

Facts around Gold, number 1.

The Oceans are home to 10,000,000 tons of Gold, all worth a whooping amount of 500 trillion US Dollars, which is 500 followed by 12 zeros. Although most of it is the product of Mother Nature, a small portion of this gold is derived from many shipwrecks, ships who sailed richly loaded with gold coins but never reached their destination!

Facts Around Gold, Oceans are home to superb reserves of gold

Ocean life



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