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Purchasing the right laptop whether online or in a store can sometimes be a mission. Most of the time, we think it’s a small matter, but it was not until recently when i purchase my new dell latitude (spent over a month to make up my mind) that i realize it is most definitely a delicate matter.


In order for you to succeed in purchasing the right laptop, it is of extreme importance to identify the requirements of your machine. Those requirements are most of the time linked to you profession. They can also be linked to your personal needs, especially if you are a gaming freak who is looking for gaming laptops just like myself.

When writing this post, i decided to deal with four main classes of users.

Purchasing the right laptop: Class 1 of users.


I3 Laptop

They are the basic users, all they want to be able to do is to type documents, print them and probably play solitaire from time to time. For this class of users, purchasing the right laptop should not be a difficult process, do not over complicate your life!

Here are the specs of a laptop that will suit your needs:

Hard Drive Capacity (HDD from now on) – 250 to 500GB

RAM – 4GB (2GB nowadays is a bad move, picking 4GB of ram is ideal)

Processor: I3 processors (dual core), most definitely!

Processor Speed: starting from 1.7 Ghz.

Graphics: Intel Shared graphics are fine.

Budget: anything starting from $250 should be a good deal, but do not spend more than $400.

Brand: Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and Meccer are good options for entry level brands.

Purchasing the right laptop: Class 2 Users.


I5 Laptop


The average users, they work in offices of small businesses, do not have tight software to run, but would require their machine to be able to perform at its best. Some teenagers could get these types of laptops as birthday gifts.

here are the specs:

HDD: 500 – 750GB.

RAM: 4 – 8GB.

Processor: I3 (dual core), I5 (quad core)

Processor Speed: starting from 2.0 – 2.7GHz.

Graphics: Intel Shared graphics are fine, as long as they have a minimum of 1GB of shared graphics.

Budget: anything starting from $350 should be a good deal, but do not spend more than $500.

Brands: Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Acer or Asus have good deals in this category.

Purchasing the right laptop: Class 3 Users.

Purchasing the right laptop - Quad core I7

I7 Laptop

For this specific category of users can be a tough challenge, they are gamers, designers or developers. Therefore if you fit into this particular category, you are going to need a “close to a beast” laptop!

here are the specs:

HDD: 1TB upwards.

RAM: 8-16GB.

Processor: I7 (quad core)

Processor Speed: starting from 2.7 – 3.0 Ghz

Graphics: A dedicated graphic card is required, with a minimum of 2GB of graphics memory. Nvidia Geforce is among the top brand of dedicated graphic cards, so look for a laptop with that particular dedicated graphic card brand.

Budget: anything starting from $450 should be a good deal, but do not spend more than $750. If you are willing to go beyond that limit, then you are a class 4 user.

Brands: Dell is a top leading brand in this category, but you will also find competitive deals from Toshiba, HP and Msi.

Purchasing the right laptop: Class 4 Users.


Alienware by Dell

They are gaming freaks, engineers needing to work with multiple VMware workstations, gaming firms designers or top class app developpers. For these guys, purchasing the right laptop requires acquiring the beast laptop for sure.

here are the specs:

HDD:1TB upwards.

RAM: 32GB.

Processor: I7 (quad core)

Processor Speed: starting from 3.0GHz.

Graphics: Dedicated Graphic card, at least 4GB of memory. Look for Nvidia ones as graphic card brand.

Budget: starting at $800 – $1500. Some with solid state drives can reach $2000.

Brands: Dell is a must, especially with their Alienware models. Other brands can also offer good deals but if you are attracted by other brands, make sure to first read reviews of users who have been using the model in order to have an idea about the user experience. A lot of money is at stake here, so it better be a good investment!


Wishing you good luck in your quest. Hopefully you will not spend as much time as i did purchasing the right laptop, otherwise you will end up purchasing other things you did not plan to (it usually happens when you keep money for too long!).

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