Highest Paid Actors of 2015

Highest Paid Actors of 2015, Top 10.

The movie industry is a gate to success for many actors and actresses. The year 2015 was particularly generous, at least for some movie franchises, allowing great performances to be rewarded for sure. Here is a top list of the 10 highest paid actors of the year 2015.

10. Mark Wahlberg, 32 million USD.

10th Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Mark Wahlberg

The iconic actor behind lone survivor had quite a remarkable year. Indeed, following the recent success of Ted in 2012, movie featuring a talking bear, Ted 2 was definitely the movie that made his fortune this past year. From an initial budget of just 50 million USD, making revenues worth more than half a billion dollars, Mark scored 32 million USD in 2015.

9. Akshay Kumar, 32.5 million USD.

9th among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Akshay Kumar

Who said that in order to be a successful actor you must perform in Hollywood? That is so wrong! Men like Akshay Kumar proved it in 2015, scoring 32.5 million USD. His Bollywood career includes more than 150 movies, with an average of 4 movies per year.

8. Salman Khan, 33.5 million USD.

8th Highest Paid Actor - 2015

Salman Khan

Another leading Bollywood star has already hit another awesome score the past year. Starting his career in 1989, Salman Khan is now an acknowledged actor in the Indian movie industry, with over 80 movie appearances. Scoring 33.5 million USD, he secures the 8th spot of our list of highest paid actors of 2015.

7. Amitabh Bachchan, $33.5 million.

7th Among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Amitabh Bachchan

Top earning Bollywood star, among highest paid actors of 2015, Amitabh Bachchan is certainly India’s greatest icon at the moment regarding the movie industry in Asia. Backed with more than 50 years of career as an actor, he has appeared in more than 150 movies. Selling satellites rights on TV channels, he made 33.5 million USD in 2015, becoming the highest paid Bollywood actor.

6. Tom Cruise, 40 million USD.

6th Among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Tom Cruise

Well, back in Hollywood aren’t we? We have of course grown fond of actors such as 53 years old Tom Cruise who are always performing to their best, especially in the Mission Impossible franchise. Tom secured a net income of 40 million USD during the past year, mainly thanks to his astonishing performance in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and Edge of Tomorrow, both superb movies!

5. Adam Sandler, 41 million USD.

5th among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Adam Sandler

Well, Adam Sandler is of course famous, at least from time to time when he decides to resurface in awesome movies. Pixels, out in 2015 was definitely one of those awesome movies, contributing to his revenues significantly. Adam totalizes a net income of 41 million USD for the past year.

4. Bradley Cooper, 41.5 million USD.

4th Among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Bradley Cooper

Our dear 41 years old Bradley Cooper is having a great career in Hollywood. He is among those actors you would expect women to run after when they spot him on the streets, screaming how much they love him. Well, with a remarkable performance in aloha, as well as Burnt, our dear Bradley added 41.5 million USD to his wealth during 2015.

3. Vin Diesel, 47 million USD.

3rd Among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Vin Diesel

How can we not have Vin Diesel in this top list? Of course the man who is most definitely the central focus of the Fast and Furious Franchise was meant to have scored tons of dollars. And yes he did, 47 million USD in 2015, money mainly coming from the 7th edition of Fast and Furious. The movie as usual did not fail to deliver, ending with an emotional good bye to Paul Walker, the other franchise giant who passed away in November 2013.

2. Jackie Chan, 50 million USD.

2nd Among Highest Paid Actors - 2015

Jackie Chan


Producer, director, actor, well name it. Jackie Chan is just having a dream career in the movie industry. Being China’s biggest movie star, he has not stopped to entertain the public, at the best of his performance. His movie dragon blade with John Cusack helped him significantly score a very nice fortune, hitting the 50 million USD mark in 2015.

1. Robert Downey Jr, 80 million USD.

1st Among Highest Paid Actors.

Robert Downey Jr. Aka Iron Man.

It is not surprising to see how our dear Ironical friend gets to the top spot, although the surprising fact is none of his friends of the greatest movie franchise of Hollywood in 2015, the avengers, do not make it here. Nevertheless, Robert Downey Jr is certainly one of the best actors in the movie industry anyway, clearly deserving of this spot. The Iron Man series were already cashing in big for him, but the avengers helped him reach 80 million USD of income during the past year, making him the number 1 among the highest paid actors of 2015. His role in the future Captain America’s civil war is greatly awaited this year, with surely another big cash flow.

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