Celebrities Who Went to Jail

Celebrities who went to jail.

When you think about celebrities, you cannot help but think of their wealth, prestige and fame. But there is also the one side you often forget; their criminal mind. Indeed, many of those stars are not angels. Here is a close look of 10 celebrities who went to jail.

10, Mark Wahlberg – 45 days – Assault.

Our dear friend, Mark Wahlberg reaches the 10th spot of our list. Although relatively sound and of good behavior (at least that’s what we get from his movies), dear mark completely lost it when he assaulted a Vietnamese citizen, Johnny Trinh in 1988 when he was just 16. He served 45 days for this stupid act and is believed to have asked for forgiveness face to face recently to his victim. Seriously mark?

Celebrities who went to Jail, Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

09, Lauren Hill – 3 months – Tax Fraud

A well-known singer, our 40 years old Lauren Hill has gone through a tough slope, being unable to pay her tax accordingly. Such failure resulted in being sent to prison for six months. Well technically, it was home confinement, followed with a supervised probation period of 1 year. Clearly, we did not expect her to be nowhere near this list of celebrities who went to prison.

Celebrities who went to Jail, Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill


08, 50 Cent – 6 months – gun possession, cocaine.

Curtis Jackson, known as 50 cent is of course a celebrity, at least what is left of it. He was sentenced to serve 3 years to 9 years in prison, but only spent 6 months there. Selling heroin and illegal gun possession caused this unfortunate turn of events in the life of the hip hop star. Still, it is ironic to think that people making millions of dollars just sold drugs a while ago.

Celebrities who went to jail, 50 cent

Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent


07, Lil Wayne – 1 Year – Drug, illegal gun possession

Certainly one of the most successful hip hop artist of the late 2000 years, Lil Wayne served a sentence of one year for illegal detention of weapons and heroin. Apparently, it would seem that heroin and success go in handy! When thinking about his lifestyle, it’s no surprise he figures of this list of celebrities who went to prison.

Celebrities who went to jail, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

06, Robert Downey Jr – One Year – Trespassing, drugs.

Dear Robert had issues with drugs, such issues that led him to be sent to jail on many occasions. These habits cost him TV show appearances, which were cancelled due to the fact that he was serving his sentences.  A high price paid by movie producers such as Mel Gibson. The longest time he spent was one year, since he qualified for early release in 2000.

Celebrities who went to jail, Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr during trial

05, Tim Allen – 2.5 Years – Drug Traffic

We can say that Tim Allen had a career filled with success, especially with his participation in Toy Story, playing the voice of Buzz lightyear. Had it not been for his imprisonment from 1978 till 1981, such career would have been spotless. He was charged with drug trafficking. Seriously, why is drug the common issue here?

Celebrities who went to jail, Tim Allen

Tim Allen Mugshot

04, Mike Tyson – 3 Years – Rape Conviction

If there is one thing you should avoid regarding Mike Tyson, is to be a victim of his fist, you will surely be knocked out for quite a while. Our successful boxer faced criminal charges, especially when he was convicted of raping Desiree Washington in 1992. He was released after serving just 3 years, being sentenced to 6.

Celebrities who went to jail - Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

03, Wesley Snipes – 3 Years – Tax Evasion

If you are a wealthy American, there is one mistake you should never make, failing to pay your Tax! Wesley Snipes learned it the hard way when he spent 3 years for Tax Evasion. Ironically, he answered these accusations by stating that he was no American resident. At least, upon his release, we can count a great performance in Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables 3.

Celebrities who went to jail - Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes

02, James Brown – 3 Years – Assault, Car Chase.

Although this iconic figure no longer lives among us, he was undeniably referred as the funding father of funk music. Still, this great name in the music industry of the 20th century was charged in 1988 with aggravated assault and failing to surrender to a police officer. While he was sentenced for more than 6 years, he only served 3 years in prison.

Celebrities who went to jail - James Brown

James Brown


01, Danny Trejo – 11 years – Drugs and Robbery

The top spot of our Celebrities who went to jail list is attributed to Danny Trejo. Dear Danny who had quite a troubled childhood, was in and out of prison for nearly 11 years. He was on several occasions convicted of armed robbery and drug dealing. He successfully got out of troubles when he completed a long rehabilitation program, beginning a successful career in Hollywood.

Celebrities who went to jail, Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

Other big names of celebrities who went to jail are Justin Bieber (from time to time), Jay Z, Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), Lindsay Lohan and many more!


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