Top Misconceptions Regarding Africa

A Blessed Continent.

Africa, among the most beautiful continents on earth is home to more than 1 Billion people. It is a land filled with astonishing diversity and surprises. Yet, a significant proportion of the rest of the world tends to always have misleading information regarding this awesome continent. Here is a top list of misconceptions regarding Africa we would like to clear off your minds.


Africa is a country.

Seriously, some people do believe that Africa is indeed a country. Such misconception is so widespread that it reaches even state leaders. A greatly deceiving lie indeed, such that really needs some clarifications once and for all. Africa is not a nation! Africa is a continent of 54 nations, most of them republics and few of them kingdoms. It is among the biggest continent on earth, capable of fitting the US, China, most of Western Europe, The UK, India, Japan and a considerable part of Eastern Europe including Greece!

The African Language.

Do you speak African? No I don’t, I speak European, Asian and probably American too! This question is among one of the most ridiculous questions you can ever ask to anyone coming from the African continent. There is no such language that is called the African! Africa is home to thousands of languages and dialects, sometimes shared by many countries or sometimes unique to a specific tribe in a certain country.

Africa is a huge village.

Among typical misconceptions regarding Africa, many people originally from African nations, have often been asked when travelling to Europe or America for their studies how they got there, since the idea some westerners have about Africa is this huge village that has no airports, no infrastructures and no modern buildings but huts, lions and rivers. Honestly, how do you expect them to travel, by swimming the Atlantic Ocean? Africa has awesome cities with huge skyscrapers, awesome airports and awesome roads. The beauty of Africa also lies in the fact that it has several areas that men have barely, or sometimes never set their foot on!

Africa is a war zone.

So you will never consider travelling to Africa because you are scared to be shot dead? Well flash news, there is peace in almost the entire continent. Some few regions are still struggling to be at peace but behind almost every single war that ever took place in Africa, you will always find the stain of western multinationals financing fighting factions for a big stake of the enormous minerals and riches this continent holds beneath its ground.

Africa is a poor continent.

Africa has minerals and riches beyond compare. As a matter of facts, the majority of the Gold that was ever mined on earth comes from Africa. There is a big possibility that the fuel you are purchasing at the gas station comes whether from Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Gabon and so on, all African nations. Furthermore, according to the international monetary fund, did you know that in 2015, the combined GDP of both Ireland and Portugal did not even match the one of Nigeria? Or that Angola’s GDP is higher than the one of the Slovak republic or Ukraine? What about South Africa with a GDP higher than Denmark’s? Surely Africa has wealthy nations as well.

There are only Black people in Africa.

Africa is not only home to the black people, but you will also find millions of white people born and raised there through several generations, most of them with European ancestry. It is the case for countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Angola and many others. So if you come across a white dude, who tells you he is from Zimbabwe or Angola, do not be shocked.

Hopefully, you can now clear your mind of these unfortunate misconceptions regarding Africa.

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