The Media Against Donald Trump.

Against All Odds.

Well it’s been a year filled with many surprises, at least depending on what side of the river you’re at. They have been warring for the whole year until finally, the people had to choose between them. Taking a close look at the recent events, following the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th American President, I could not help but be shocked at the attitude of several categories of people. Now do not mistake me for a supporter of Donald Trump, I am just trying to process the flow of events that took place in America, following this mass hysteria over the past election.

The Media Against Donald Trump.

Unless there has been a sort of reform in american journalism (well at least one i clearly missed), I thought journalists were supposed to relay facts, comment them for sure, but relay the facts, all of them, not just some of them. You see, there has been a lot of attacks from the media on just the one candidate, as if the other was a sort of Angel. Seriously, it was the mainstreams media against Donald Trump. The man was the center of all the critics of american so called journalists from top media networks for almost the entire year, because he likes to speak his mind. Although he is not far from any reproach, I have to admit that he revolutionized the whole concept behind politics. As of Hillary Clinton, well she was the saviour of the world, the woman about to make history by becoming the first woman to be President of the United States, at least that’s what you would believe if your were indoctrinated enough by the mainstream media.

The disappointment on live television, the sarcastic comments on air, the critics and so on, it was a pathetic display. If you live in a totalitarian rule, it’s only natural that the media would praise the President for waking up, waving his hand, smiling etc. In the country that claims to be the worldwide reference for democracy and freedom, it was hard to spot any difference with such regime, especially with such a strong support for Hillary. It would seem many have lost their way in their careers.

The so called protesters.

Rioting, assaulting those who did not vote for your candidate, (while you probably did not go to vote), damaging properties of hardworking businessmen, how far down the pit do these so called protesters want to go? Is this really America?

For hundreds of years the country has been enjoying free and peaceful elections (despite segregation, but you get the idea). The man is democratically elected, whether you destroy a building, steal or assault police officers, that is not going to change, so deal with it, that’s what democracy is about!

This pathetic show allowed the whole world to see that America is not such a great nation after all. Those who boast about their freedom and democracy fight among themselves to punish their fellow countrymen for exercising that freedom to elect the man they believed was fit for the job.

The People Decides Not the Media.

Hopefully by now, the media is clearly aware that the people elect their president, not their senseless tv shows and pointless targeting of a candidate they do not like. It’s up to the whole nation to decide, not to the minority that thinks they control the minds of people via their corrupted networks. As for the President Elect, i wish him luck, for he has a divided nation to rule, and boy, that will not be easy at all!

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