Sons Of Power

Sons of Power is a book series that deals with the horrors of war and political strife in our present day.

Millions of people worldwide have the unfortunate experience to go through such horrors as we speak. Unspoken tragedies are silently taking place while we enjoy the safety of our lives, while we do business and make money, while we complain about things that have so little meaning to human life, as opposed to life itself. Yes, life, the life that is taken away every second, tortured, torn apart, ripped to shreds. It is the daily reality of many people around the globe, those who fall without us noticing.

But what if one of them became so powerful in this life, that he intends to fix this current state of things, the way he thinks he should? What kind of man does he become when he decides to no longer play by the rules, but to bend the current balance of power through his cunning? What would happen to the world, when the so-called superpowers crumble, because of his desire for vengeance upon those who inflicted terrible torments to his family during his childhood? These questions are somewhat answered in this book series.

Sons of Power is another perception of the world, one dreamed of by many people in poor countries, those expecting much better from their corrupted leaders, those demanding accountability, those striving for justice and retribution.

The first release, Retribution, is currently available on kindle in the English version.

If you are a regular kindle subscriber, Amazon will make this book available to you free of charge, yes that’s right, free! You will therefore be able to read our sons of power series as we develop it within the upcoming months. If you love the story, remember to rate it on kindle and spread the word out there, it would help us reach the world, and later on why not, make a tv show out of it (the ultimate dream!).

Let us know what are your thoughts on the different characters you see interacting within the book. A detailed description on all of them is available on The French Content Store. There, you will have access to country histories, characters biographies and a whole lot more, it is our way of dragging you in their world.


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