Mind blowing Facts on Gaming

Mind Blowing Facts on Gaming.

There is an estimated 1.2 Billion gamers worldwide, here are some stats concerning their behaviours the industry of gaming.

Fact on gaming 1:

Mario Segale was the Landlord of Nintendo first American offices early in the 1980s. He was mad at Nintendo for paying the rent late. As a way of apologizing, they renamed Jump man (initial character name) to the famous Mario we know today.


Facts on gaming 2:

Within the first three days of its release, the GTA franchise in its fifth edition scored approximately $1B. Today it is estimated that GTA 5 has sold more than 50,000,000 copies worldwide, bringing sales beyond the $3B mark. Bear in mind that the game budget was over $265,000,000.


Facts on gaming 3:

In the US, The average gamer is 31 year old. You may think that men play games the most, but 48% of gamers are women in 2014. So men account for 52% of gamers, that’s almost a tie.

Facts on gaming 4:

The Average United States gamer plays 6.5 hours of video game a week. And there are 155 million regular gamers in the United States of America.

Facts on gaming 5:

Earth has spent more than $90B in video games in 2015. That’s more money than Bill Gates estimated wealth. Basically, we spend $246,5 million per day on video games.

Facts on gaming 6:

Out of this tremendous sum spent on gaming last year, $33.7Bn were spent on computer screen based games (37%), $32.7Bn were spent on tables and smartphones games (36%), $25.1Bn were spent on consoles (27%).

Facts on gaming 7:

The most sold console to date is the PlayStation 2, with more than 158 million units sold. PlayStation 4 has sold 40 million units to date coming to the 13th spot way behind game boy, doubling Xbox one 21 Million, on the 21st position.


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