Barcelona V Real Madrid – Facts and Stats About El Clasico

Facts And Stats About El Clasico.

Most Assuredly, El Clasico is the biggest confrontation of the soccer (football for Brits) realm. Watched by more than 150 million people, it is a symbol of grandeur in the history of the sport, featuring the best players in the game, a true delight for fans. Here are some key facts and stats regarding el clasico, the legendary clash between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Facts and Stats about El Clasico 1:

The first clasico to ever be played, took place on the 13th of may 1902. Real Madrid played Barcelona home and lost 1-3.


Facts and Stats about El Clasico 2:

Taking into account today’s game, there has been a total of 265 clasico to date. Barcelona won 109 of those.

Facts and Stats about El Clasico 3:

Lionel Messi is the player who scored the most goals in el clasico during his career, with an astounding record of 21 goals, among which 2 hat-tricks (record as well).


Leo Messi

Facts and Stats about El Clasico 4:

Real Madrid is the team which has inflicted the largest score to date in el clasico, with a record 11-1.

Facts and Stats about El Clasico 5:

All together, all players of the two teams combined have a market value of 1 Billion GBP. Lionel Messi himself is currently worth more than 265 Million Euros.

Facts and Stats about El Clasico 6:

After the final of the UEFA champions league, el clasico is the most watched soccer game on earth, with more than 150 million viewers worldwide during each confrontation.

And Finally…

The Real Madrid holds the more titles than any other teams in the Spanish soccer history, but in the past 10 years, Barcelona has had the upper title wise, and is predicted to overrun their rivals within the next years at this rate.


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