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Weird places around the earth, Top 5.

Weird places around the earth, top 5. We are all familiar with a scary legend or story regarding weird places, whether we got it from a movie or from captivating books. But there are also real places that can scare the creep out of you, you better believe it, […]

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Successful Traders, Top 10 of the most talented.

Successful Traders who made history! Billions upon billions of us dollars, these men have engraved their names in the hall of fame of trading, being ranked among top successful traders to ever live. Here is a summary of their achievements. 10 – Edward Lampert. Born on July […]

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Future Technologies and innovation – Top 5

Future Technologies, Mankind’s next moves.     5 Initiatives that will change the World.   Technology is now part of our everyday lives, whatever we do, no matter where we are, it is undeniable that mankind is at its all-time peak of discoveries. We have so many […]

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10 Billionaires Who Overcame Poverty

Top 10 Billionaires who overcame poverty. Poverty engulfs a significant percentage of the world’s population. But hopefully, for some, this state of things is not a fatality. As a matter of facts, thanks to the explosion of opportunities out there, it is almost possible for many people […]

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5 Great Military Commanders

The great nations we know of today have been marked by their leaders and undoubtedly their success in battles, here is a top 5 list of those who fought with skills and success, leaving their names written on the hall of fame of military commanders. The video […]

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5 Bloodiest Civil Wars

War has always been part of mankind’s History, here is a summary of our latest YouTube videos, the 5 bloodiest civil wars of the 2nd millennium. No 5 – The American Civil War The American civil war took place during the second part of the nineteenth century, […]

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