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Where should I be if World War III breaks out?

When looking at the actual state of the world, it is easy to speculate about the possibility if an eventual world war III, especially with the Syrian crisis, a conflict that has gone way out of proportion so far, with Russia and the west constantly opposing each other […]

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Abortion, the legal crime

Looking at some statistics about abortion, I never imagined the scale of this practice to be so wide, yet, according to WHO, abortion is responsible for the death of nearly 40,000,000 unborn babies each year. This is an estimate of about 125,000 abortions committed worldwide every day. Nearly […]

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Psychiatric evaluation, Discrimination

Growing as a subsaharan young man, it was easy to see from my cousins who initially went to Europe how disgusted they were of the discrimination they faced there. Once you are from Africa, weither you are  from the northern part or the subsaharan part, you are […]

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Power belongs to the people

Africa has been for more than half a century, a very unstable continent with regards to politics. With its various records of coups organised by angry soldiers or visionary leaders, the land is slowly trying to make its way out to democracy, but the process involves determination […]

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