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Hydrogen Bomb in the Air

Hydrogen Bomb, another North Korean special announcement. Well, he did it again, the North Korean Leader has made a great announcement that should frighten us all, they have developed an Hydrogen bomb! True or not true? For many decades, North Korea has been a country carefully watched. […]

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5 Great Military Commanders

The great nations we know of today have been marked by their leaders and undoubtedly their success in battles, here is a top 5 list of those who fought with skills and success, leaving their names written on the hall of fame of military commanders. The video […]

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5 Bloodiest Civil Wars

War has always been part of mankind’s History, here is a summary of our latest YouTube videos, the 5 bloodiest civil wars of the 2nd millennium. No 5 – The American Civil War The American civil war took place during the second part of the nineteenth century, […]

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