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Hydrogen Bomb in the Air

Hydrogen Bomb, another North Korean special announcement. Well, he did it again, the North Korean Leader has made a great announcement that should frighten us all, they have developed an Hydrogen bomb! True or not true? For many decades, North Korea has been a country carefully watched. […]

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Playing with fire

As most of you may have learned by now, The Turkish republic fired at a Russian fighting Jet that “violated its airspace”, according to Turkish officials. Whether or not this “violation of airspace” claim is justified, it is not really clear what happened in the sky of the […]

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Where should I be if World War III breaks out?

When looking at the actual state of the world, it is easy to speculate about the possibility if an eventual world war III, especially with the Syrian crisis, a conflict that has gone way out of proportion so far, with Russia and the west constantly opposing each other […]

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